Alice Wargo


Alice was born and raised in San Diego and has long held a dedication to being a formidable and tireless advocate for people in her community. Alice aggressively champions her clients’ rights with a commitment to hard work, empathetic service, and upholding principles of fairness and equity. She is devoted to promoting social justice and positively impacting the lives of individuals who are unfairly taken advantage of by large corporate interests with outsized power.

Alice received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. There, she became involved in labor organizing for workers in the community and volunteered for a lawyer’s group representing victims of domestic violence. These experiences helped her decide to pursue a career as an attorney so that she could stand with and assist individuals attempting to navigate oppressive and complex systems. She attended law school at the University of California Los Angeles and graduated with a specialization in Public Interest Law and Policy. During her time at UCLA, Alice volunteered extensively with the Labor and Economic Justice Clinic and the Veterans’ Justice Clinic and spent her summers working for legal aid organizations, gaining invaluable hands-on experience assisting and empowering clients to receive the outcomes they deserve. As an associate at Walker Law, Alice strives to be a driving force behind the protection of clients’ rights and wants to set a high standard for excellence, empathy, and integrity in the legal profession.


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  • Lewis & Clark College
  • UCLA
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