Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies have a duty to treat its insureds’ fairly. Walker Law can help you navigate your claim.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation San Diego Overview

In every insurance policy, there is a legal obligation for the insurance company to treat its insureds in good faith. However, many times, the insurance company takes advantage of its superior bargaining position by denying claims that should be paid, delaying the payment of claims causing undue hardships for the insured, and treating its insured unfairly.

If your insurance company refuses to treat you in “good faith,” you have rights under the law. Walker Law has in-depth experience in holding insurance companies accountable for treating insureds unfairly, unreasonably, and fraudulently.

Insurance Cases We Handle

Bad Faith Litigation
Poor Investigation of Claim
Intentional Dishonesty
Failure to Pay Benefits
Bad Faith Denial of Claim
 Insurance coverage

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