San Diego Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but they can be dangerous. We're here to help you or a family member when the fun stops.

Motorcycle Accident San Diego Overview

Motorcycle accidents can result in traumatic damage to health and well-being and bring with them a host of major lifestyle changes. Walker Law is here to help. The specialist attorneys at Walker Law are on hand to help represent their clients with passion, vigor, and the skill necessary to get them the compensation they deserve. If you live in the San Diego area and need help and assistance following a motorcycle accident, we are here to help. As the roads get busier and the amount of traffic rises, motorcycle accidents increase. If you or a loved one have been in an accident involving a motorcycle or where a motorcycle has collided with you, then call Walker Law so that we can help.

How We Approach Motorcycle Accident Cases

Riding a motorcycle can leave you very exposed to danger should you happen to come off your bike. Wearing the right protective clothing may help, but nothing can prepare you for the shock and damage that occurs when serious injury takes place. If you have been injured in or due to a motorcycle accident, you need to get legal assistance as soon as you can. If you are severely injured then your family can contact us on your behalf. Within our team of lawyers we have extremely knowledgeable and adroit experts who will know exactly what to do to look after your rights and help to determine your status with regard to compensation for injury.

Motorcycle Accident Claims We Handle

At Walker Law we are able to help with many types of motorcycle accident claims in the San Diego area. Some of the cases that we deal with are:
  • Your motorcycle has been hit by a large vehicle or truck
  • You have been in collision with a car
  • A road hazard may have caused you to lose control of your motorcycle (i.e. potholes, gravel, etc.)
If you have been affected by any of these or similar events, it is essential that you get good solid advice from the specialist motorcycle accident attorneys in at Walker Law. We will point you in the right direction, providing you with first class advice and support. Contact us now for a case evaluation free of charge. We are always on hand to help and offer guidance, ensuring that your claim is in safe hands.

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