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San Diego Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are extremely painful and devastating to a family. If you’ve sustained a burn injury in San Diego, we’re here to help!

Burn Injuries In San Diego

According to American Burn Association (ABA), every year there are 1.1 million burn cases reported in America. 45,000 cases needs hospitalization, while approx. 4,500 victims die. The majority of these burn injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence. Victims are left with physical, psychological, and even financial scars. If you live in San Diego and have experienced a minor or severe burn, Walker Law has got your back.

How We Approach Burn Injury Cases In San Diego

Burn injuries are painful and at Walker Law, we understand it can be traumatic as well. We strive to provide justice to burn injury victims throughout San Diego by following our tried and tested approach. At the beginning, we offer a free 15 minute consultation where we discuss the specifics of your burn related case. If both parties decide to enter an agreement, we will bring you in to discuss a detailed plan for your case. From this point forward, you will have the benefit of Walker Law supporting you every step of the way.

San Diego Burn Injury Claims We Handle

Walker Law provides services for burn injury victims in San Diego by handling claims related to the following types of injuries:

  • Chemical attack – intentional chemical attack assault or if safety precautions are not available at workplaces dealing with chemicals such as manufacturing plants.
  • Car accidents – The accident takes place due to someone else’s negligence; and burn injuries are the result of the accident.
  • Scalding – Burn from a hot liquid.
  • Electrical burns – Due to someone’s negligence or without any notice of open wires or malfunctioned circuit.

If you or a family member have sustained a minor or serious burn related injury in San Diego, you should contact an attorney immediately. Take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation provided by Walker Law today. Contact us to get started.

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