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Riverside Employment Law Attorney

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A place of employment for employees becomes a second home for how often employees spend time working. Due to past injustices, legislators have put in laws to prevent the mistreatment of workers. Despite these efforts, many employers often try to circumvent the laws to get away with behavior that adversely affects their employees. Regardless of the job or the employer, no employee should feel they have to be subjected to inappropriate treatment from an employer.


Unfair treatment at the office can manifest itself in various ways. Whatever the circumstance, Walker Law Firm defends employees from unacceptable behavior. Our Riverside employment law attorneys are dedicated to fighting for you every step of the way in getting the justice you deserve. Call Walker Law today for your free consultation.

Examples of Employment Law issues

California is considered to be an “at will state”, meaning that employers can terminate employees at any time. Even so, employers are prohibited to fire their employees for reasons unrelated to their job performance and are for discriminatory reasons. These cases are known as wrongful termination.

Employment spans multiple areas. Some of the more commonly brought cases in employment law are discriminatory and harassment cases. Both federal and state laws protect specific groups of people based on their characteristics. These characteristics are known as “classes.” While the specific classes will vary based on the law invoked, some of the classes commonly protected include: Race, Gender, Religion, Age, and Disability.

Some employees may be afraid to bring an action against their employer for fear of their employer reducing their pay or firing them. However, there are laws that protect employees from reporting wrongdoing as well. These actions by employers who seek retribution are commonly termed “retaliation”.

Damages in Employment Law Claims

If an employee can prove that the employer violated a law that harmed the employee, the employee must still demonstrate that they were harmed by the employer’s actions. The injuries the employee incurred are known as “damages” and will determine how much can be recovered in a suit.

Damages fall into different categories and will vary in the ability to recover, depending on the claim brought. Some common categories of damages include:

  • Lost Perks and Salary – The earnings and benefits the employee but for the employer’s actions.
  • Emotional Distress – The stress and suffering brought on by the employer’s actions
  • Lawyer Fees – The legal fees incurred by the employee by bringing the claim to court
  • Punitive Damages – Compensation for the plaintiff to penalize the employer and hold them accountable to deter other employers from committing similar behaviors. Punitive damages are typically granted if the employer’s actions were extremely egregious or careless.

Contact Walker Law For The Representation You Deserve

Employees dedicate energy and sacrifice time so that businesses can continue to thrive. However, even if an employer has an employee under payroll, employees are still entitled to the rights that uphold the dignity of employees as individual people. No employee should feel that they have to put up with mistreatment. At Walker Law, we are committed to making sure you have the support and legal representation to get the justice you deserve. Our Riverside employment law attorneys will do everything in our power to fight for you. Contact Walker Law today and begin your path to justice.

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