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You shouldn't be punished for doing the right thing. Find out how we can help you if you've experienced whistleblower retaliation in San Diego.

Whistleblower Retaliation In San Diego

A whistleblower is a person (often an employee or a contractor) who brings any form of illegal or unethical behavior on the part of a business or organization to the attention of the relevant person or body within the same organization, and/or to the police, government, or wider public consciousness.

Such behavior may take the form of violations of laws or regulations, company policies and rules, corruption, fraud, or any other form of wrongdoing. Sometimes, the information brought to light by whistleblowers can have direct repercussions in terms of public safety, national security and other important issues, and as such, the business or organization perpetrating the offense will often try to prevent whistleblowing, or retaliate against the whistleblower themselves.

In order to protect both the public interest and individual whistleblowers, a number of laws are in place to protect whistleblowers from such retaliation, which may be perpetrated by the guilty parties in order to prevent or deny the release of the information in question, or to later cover it up.

Taking the decision to become a whistleblower is one that no one makes lightly, given the potential repercussions that can accompany the decision; if you have made that difficult decision, contact Walker Law first for advice and advocacy.

How We Approach Whistleblower Claims in San Diego

If you have suffered as a result of your whistleblower status or intend to become a whistleblower in San Diego, it is important to seek qualified legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity in order to protect your own interests and avoid potential retaliation.

If you have already become a whistleblower and have been victimized as a result of your actions, we can help. At Walker Law, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation and determine the viability of your case. If both parties agree to enter a relationship, our team will work closely with you by outlining a plan that will protect you from whistleblower retaliation in San Diego.

San Diego Whistleblower Claims We Handle

Whistleblower cases are often complex and highly specialized. Examples of whistleblower and retaliation cases and scenarios that we handle here at Walker Law include:

  • If you lose your job or are otherwise tangibly penalized as a result of your whistleblower status.
  • If the business or organization in question prevents or attempts to prevent you from bringing the information in question into the public domain, or to the attention of the appropriate person or body within the organization itself.
  • If actions or attempted actions by the business or organisation in question curtail or attempt to curtail your right to freedom of speech.
  • If you are prevented from, or if someone attempts to prevent you from filing either an internal or external complaint about the organization’s activities or working practices, or a breach or potential breach of the law.
  • If retaliation for whistleblowing harms or adversely affects you within the remit of the law, such as by causing financial losses, a loss of career prospects, or other potential manifestations of retaliation.
These are just a few common examples; please contact a specialist attorney if you have been subjected to any such treatment, or if your problem is not covered here. Walker Law offers a free, no obligation initial consultation in cases of whistleblowing and retaliation, so get in touch now for support and to find out more.

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