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San Diego Employment Litigation Lawyer

At its core, the workforce is integral to keeping our society running and allowing for the livelihood of individuals to flourish. Yet, with so much time being spent in the workplace, behavior inevitably arises at every workplace that may give rise to lawsuits. Employment law governs how employers must treat employees, former employees, job applicants, interviewees, and independent contractors in general.

At Walker Law, our trial lawyers understand the important role employment law plays in creating safe, productive, and fair work environments. We take pride in vigorously defending employees as the backbone of our society. If you have experienced behavior that you feel was unfair or discriminatory, contact our San Diego employment litigation lawyers today for your free consultation.

What is Employment Litigation?

Employment litigation is a broad term that refers to areas of law in the workplace that give rise to litigation. Here are some of the common areas of employment law that may result in litigation:

Common Cases in Employment Litigation

Employment class action lawsuits are common, and individual cases occur more often than you might think. Below are some of the more common egregious behavior we’ve seen from employers:

  • Overtime pay is not provided
  • Regular employees are misclassified as management to avoid overtime pay
  • Regular employees are misclassified as 1099 contractors in order to avoid payroll taxes, minimum wages, and overtime.
  • Employees are required to work without required breaks
  • Family medical leave is denied without good reason
  • Employees on family medical leave lose their job while away
  • Pervasive racial, religious or sexual harassment
  • Retaliation against employees who file labor law complaints

Know Your Rights As An Employee

Many employers continuously get away with egregious behavior because employees are hesitant to bring any issues to light for fear of facing backlash from their employer. Luckily, at Walker Law, our attorneys are familiar with the tricks that employers pull and have knowledge of the laws that are designed to protect you from the retaliation of an employer.

Some cases may take more time than others because they require the filing of an administrative claim with a state agency before a suit can be brought in court. In these cases, contacting a lawyer right away is imperative as filing a claim with the local agency can make or break a case.

Of particular concern is the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is a deadline that a claim or case must be filed so as not to expire. Some administrative claims may require filing right away, so the employee’s best interest is to consult with a lawyer right away if the employee has any feeling that illegal activity occurred.

Contact Walker Law Today

Large employers may have aggressive counsel who will do everything in their path to ensure you do not get the justice you deserve. At Walker Law firm, we have San Diego employment litigation lawyers who are passionate at defending the vulnerable and will do everything in our power to make sure your side is defended with the utmost diligence. If you have reason to believe that your employer has not treated you fairly, contact us today for your free consultation.

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