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Employee misclassification can result in unforeseen expenses that you weren't expecting. Speak with our team today if you feel you've been misclassified by your employer.

Employee Misclassification In San Diego

Worker misclassification is a situation that arises when a boss, organization or other employer wrongly classifies an employed worker as an independent contractor, either accidentally or deliberately. For workplaces and companies, classifying workers as independent contractors comes with numerous benefits in terms of financial savings and bypassing the need to offer a full employment package. This might include things like wage and working hours protection, standard employee rights such as holiday time and maternity or paternity leave, and the potential to sign up for company health insurance and dental coverage, among other things.

You can learn more about the specific differences between an employee and independent contractor here.

If you have been misclassified by an employer and as a result, have been denied your standard employee rights, contact Walker Law now for assistance.

How We Approach Employee Misclassification Claims In San Diego

When you feel you've been misclassified, you have the legal right to seek redress and reclassification, and in many cases, to be appropriately compensated for your previous work performed without the additional benefits provided to employees.

At Walker Law we approach misclassification claims in San Diego with our tested and true approach. Our team will schedule a free 15 minute consultation to understand the specific nature of your case. After that, if both parties agree to move forward with the relationship, we will outline a specific plan on how to improve your situation.

San Diego Employee Misclassification Claims We Handle

Worker misclassification is unfortunately very common in San Diego. Here a few examples of the claims we handle here at Walker Law:
  • Denial of benefits due to misclassification.
  • Forcing workers to accept independent contractor status when employee status is a truer reflection of the working practices performed.
  • Recovering financial losses due to misclassification as an independent contractor.
  • Bypassing of Californian minimum wage laws due to misclassified independent contractor status.
  • Recouping fees, charges or penalties placed upon misclassified independent contractors.
  • Seeking compensation under the civil penalty scheme for misclassification.
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