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San Diego Gender Discrimination Lawyer

In a perfect world, the workplace and beyond would be free of gender inequality. There would be no sexual harassment or disparity in job promotions or pay. The more nuanced parts of gender discrimination would not rear their ugly heads either. The San Diego Gender Discrimination Lawyers with Walker Law are doing their best to eradicate these practices that are such ingrained parts of gender discrimination.

Why Choose Walker Law?

  • We believe everyone deserves a safe workplace that treats them fairly, regardless of gender. We fight for freedom from discrimination, bullying and intimidation, and retaliation for speaking up against discriminatory behaviors.
  • The San Diego employment law attorneys at Walker Law are eager to make a stand against employers, corporations, and insurance companies who unfairly discriminate against our clients.
  • Our passion for putting bullies in their place and the success we have had doing so speak to the way we approach every case of workplace discrimination.

What is Gender Discrimination in the Workplace?

In the workplace, gender discrimination can present in a variety of ways. Still, the common thread is that a person’s sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation is used to treat an employee or a job applicant differently or unfavorably. “Sex” and “gender” have different definitions but are used synonymously for discrimination law.

Gender bias and subsequent mistreatment take many forms, some of these are listed below:

  • Harassment
  • Paid less than co-workers who are performing the same or similar jobs
  • Evaluations of their job performance are judged much more harshly
  • Ignored when promotions are available
  • Lack of appropriate pay increases

Sometimes, gender discrimination has the added disadvantage of being an intersectional bias that leads to even more severe mistreatment. This unfairness can be especially true for women of color in the workplace. If you have found yourself in such a place, Walker Law is ready to stand up against the employer who harmed you.

Federal Laws Protecting Employees From Gender Discrimination

Two laws protect employees from being discriminated against based on gender. While it is shameful that these laws even had to be created, they protect those mistreated in the workplace.

Title VII of the Civil Right Act

Title VII forbids employers from treating employees differently or unfavorably because of their sex. Sex is defined as follows:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Pregnancy

This law prohibits employers from making decisions based on unfair stereotypes or untrue beliefs about a person’s abilities associated with their gender. These are federal laws, so these protections will apply even if state or local laws do not assume the same position.

The Equal Pay Act

The Equal Pay Act established a rule that requires an employer to pay male and female employees equally for equal work. So, everyone is paid equally when working at the same job or at the same workplace.

A Few Examples of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination happens in a variety of ways. Some are outright and obvious, while others are nuanced and more subtle. Neither is acceptable. You should speak to a gender discrimination attorney in San Diego if you experience any of the following discriminatory practices:

  • If you are passed over for a job or assigned a lower-paying position due to your gender identity or your sexual orientation
  • When you are evaluated harshly or held to a more stringent level of accountability because of your sex or gender or do not conform to traditional ideas concerning masculinity or femininity
  • Gender discrimination is present when women are described as being too aggressive or assertive when a man behaving similarly is evaluated as demonstrating strong leadership skills and initiative.
  • Pay inequality is another signal of gender discrimination. It is undeniable when employees who are similarly skilled, trained, and experienced are paid less than an employee who is of a different gender or sexual orientation paid for very similar work.
  • If someone with fewer qualifications is given an opportunity to be promoted, to receive more training, or a raise in pay than someone who is of a different gender or sexual orientation, gender discrimination could very likely be at play
  • If you are written up or singled out for behavior that other people of different genders or orientations do without repercussions
  • If you are the victim of slurs, derogatory remarks, or name-calling, or if you have to hear hostile conversations or comments about people of a certain gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation
  • Deliberate misgendering and dead-naming, done repeatedly, are prime examples of gender discrimination.
  • Being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace is often directly related to gender. Harassment may be sexual advances, verbal or physical harassment, or requests for sexual favors.
  • If you have been fired, denied a job, or given fewer opportunities because of a pregnancy.

If you have experienced any of the above behavior and wonder if you might have a gender discrimination case against your employer, reach out to Walker Law. We can assess your situation without any charge to you.

How Can a Gender Discrimination Lawyer Help?

Victims of sex discrimination sometimes feel too intimidated to file claims. Unsupportive workplaces can leave the victim feeling vulnerable and anxious about standing up for themselves against the responsible parties.

Having an experienced, trustworthy discrimination attorney by their side inspires confidence since they no longer have to stand against the company alone. A team fighting for workplace justice can make a challenging situation less intimidating.

Your San Diego sex discrimination lawyer understands the timelines that must be met when filing claims, submitting additional documents, and replying to your opponent. The court will not excuse missed time frames due to ignorance of the law and could refuse to review your claim or dismiss the case altogether if the time limits are not met.

Your attorney will ensure you complete all critical deadlines. Working with a dedicated attorney who specializes in sex discrimination law will increase your credibility before the court. Their understanding of the negotiation process will also benefit you, resulting in a less prolonged settlement.

What Damages are Available to Gender Discrimination Victims

The workplace can seem bleak when facing a hostile environment due to gender discrimination. By bringing these claims before the court, you may be eligible for damages. Some possible examples are as follows:

  • Compensation for lost wages and economic losses
  • Reimbursement for medical-related expenses or future health-related expenses that were the result of discrimination or retaliation
  • Monetary compensation for emotional distress like anxiety, mental anguish, stress, loss of sleep, loss of enjoyment of life, reputation damage, loss of sleep
  • Reinstatement of employment if you were forced out as a result of discrimination
  • Punitive damages if the court believes your employer behaved maliciously and showed reckless indifference to your rights and wants to punish the bad employer
  • Demand for changes to employer policies and practices to ensure a safe workplace for all may result from a sex discrimination lawsuit.

By taking a company with a hostile environment that features gender discrimination to court and winning, it may act as a cautionary tale for other employers who are allowing such behavior within the ranks of their companies as well. By not allowing gender discrimination to stand, you may be helping someone else avoid the experiences you have suffered.

Contact Walker Law Today

At Walker Law, our committed sex discrimination lawyers in San Diego believe that prejudice and discrimination have no place in the world and are equipped and determined to fight it in the workplace. Reach out today if you have experienced sex discrimination at work. We are ready to hear the details of your situation and analyze your case against your employer. We will determine a powerful strategy that puts an end to what you have been subjected to and will use every resource we have on hand to ensure you are awarded the compensation you are due.

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