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Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorney

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Over the last several decades, the pervasive reality of sexual harassment in the workplace has finally been brought to light. There should be no tolerance for sexual harassment, yet it is rampant in every industry and at all levels of employment. However, there are many laws in place aimed at preventing sexual harassment and punishing harassers and those who enable or protect them.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, the attorneys at Walker Law, P.C. can help. We believe in fighting for wronged employees and protecting their rights and safety in the workplace. When you are ready, call our Orange County sexual harassment attorneys today for a free consultation.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined by state laws in California as unsolicited sexual approaches or sexually explicit language, gestures, or actions. Sexual harassment occurs occasionally in overt ways. An example may be a manager who threatens a subordinate employee’s career when the latter declines to go on a date. A boss proposing a job, promotion, or other benefit in exchange for a sexual favor is another blatant infraction. Other cases might not be as blatant but may still still constitute sexual harassment.

More than any other form of harassment, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) reports that sex-based complaints make up 45% of all complaints made to their organization. Additionally, they indicate that roughly 83% of all sexual harassment complaints are made by women.

How to Approach Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment is a blatant disregard for trust that an employee places in a company. For the amount of sacrifice an employee makes, it is no wonder that sexual harassment is looked at in such a vile manner in this modern era. Employees should feel empowered knowing that they have an ability to speak up more than ever. However, victims of sexual harasssment should still approach these claims smartly knowing that some employers are vigilant than ever to try and sweep claims under the rug.

Here are a list of considerations to keep in mind:

  • Document all instances of sexual harassment that occur. If possible, try to write down the details of the incident immediately. Note any possible witnesses who may be able to corroborate your story.
  • Find out the reporting process for sexual harassment claims at your organization. Be wary with who you tell information and if possible, make sure to document your organization’s handling of your reported claim including when the claim was reported, what was discussed, etc.
  • Consider approaching an attorney who can advise on the strength of your claim and what evidence might help corroborate your story.

Damages in Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment claims are emotionally damaging and can garner large financial returns if brought to court. However, sexual harassment claims in trial garner a lot of risk for both sides, and many claims are settled out of court. If the decision for the plaintiff is to bring the case to court, here are some of the damages that can be claimed:

  • Compensation for any salary lost
  • Compensation for lost job promotion opportunities
  • Compensation for emotional suffering
  • Court costs and attorneys fees

Contact Walker Law Today

Victims of sexual harassment can feel alone and afraid to speak up. At Walker Law, we are here to guide you no matter what you decide and promise to be there in your time of need. We do not tolerate employers who do not take seriously the consequences of such crass behavior. Our Orange County sexual harassment attorneys will make sure you have confidence that you are getting the representation you deserve. Contact Walker Law today for your free consultation.

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