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Consumer Protection San Diego Overview

California and Federal law provide a variety of protections intended to ensure that consumers like you are safeguarded from the negligence and greed of corporations. Too often, corporations opt to chase higher profits at the expense of the little guy. This may come in the form of forcing you to pay fees that you didn’t incur, reporting you to credit agencies if you don’t pay these unwarranted fees, and incessant hounding of creditors at your doorstep if you refuse to give in. Other situations may include a company’s failure to inform you of the dangerous chemicals they use in their product or the company’s failures to inform you of important rights you have when doing business with them. Whatever the case, if you have been pushed around by a company’s disregard for your rights, contact Walker Law to discuss how to even the playing field.

Consumer Protection Cases We Handle

 Unfair debt collection practices
 Legal malpractice
 Products liability
  Financial elder abuse
Class Actions

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