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San Diego Copyright Attorney

A copyright is important to businesses and individuals in San Diego. Let us help you with your copyright related matters today.

Copyright Services In San Diego

If you’re an author, inventor, singer, painter or any creative individual, then you need to protect your works of authorship from anyone who may want to reap monetary gain from your intellectual property. A copyright is the only way you can protect your works of authorship. Simply explained, a copyright is a legal right to control your original works or authorship. The works may include books‚ paintings‚ songs, movies‚ computer programs, and more.

How We Approach Copyrights In San Diego

Nowadays, copyright infringement has become rampant on the internet. Failure to protect your works from online perpetrators may lead to exposure and possible infringement.

At Walker Law, we will sit down with you during a free 15-minute consultation where we will discuss the specifics of your San Diego copyright needs. If we feel you may have a case, we will then enter a formal agreement where the team at Walker Law will represent and assist you.

If you need a San Diego business attorney, Walker Law is the team for you.

San Diego Copyright Litigation & Services We Offer

At Walker Law, we will help you with the following copyright-related services in San Diego:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright litigation
  • Other copyright related matters

Walker Law works with businesses and individuals who need copyright services or litigation. If you need assistance with your copyright related matter, contact us today to receive a free 15 minute consultation.

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