Month: April 2017

What Do I Do If I’m Late On My Personal Taxes In 2016?

Posted On April 26, 2017 In General

If you find that you have inadvertently missed the filing deadline for your taxes or you simply haven’t managed to get your figures complete in time, don’t panic! While it’s never a good idea to delay filing and there are penalties in place to discourage you from doing just this, there are various options available to you in order to mitigate any further problems and penalties after late filing, if you know how to go about it.…

What To Do If You’ve Been Misclassified By Your Employer

Posted On April 14, 2017 In Employment Law

An employer can save a significant amount of money when they classify a worker as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee. The reason being, if a company labels an individual as an employee they are required by law to pay unemployment insurance, Medicare, and social security tax.…

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