Month: March 2024

California’s New Workplace Violence Protection Laws

Posted On March 21, 2024 In Employment Law

New workplace violence protection laws in California will require employers to have a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan soon. These laws set a new standard for businesses and pave the way for additional protections under employment laws in San Diego.

What the Plan Will Address 

A company’s Workplace Violence Prevention Plan should create guidance for the following directives:

  • Training employees on identifying violence in the workplace and how to report it
  • Providing information on how to avoid workplace violence
  • Establishing a way to track violent incidents
  • Address how retaliation against reporting employees will be managed
  • Establish a post-incident investigation protocol
  • Providing an annual review of the plan to identify its strengths and weaknesses

This plan should be readily available to employees and consist of an independent document or be included in a company’s injury and illness prevention plan (IIPP)

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