Month: July 2017

What Is Wage Theft And How Can I Get Money I’m Owed

Posted On July 24, 2017 In Unpaid Wages

Wage theft occurs when an employer denies an employee the wages and/or employee benefits that they are owed, or otherwise circumvents their duty to pay their workers in full and at the appropriate level.

Evidence of wage theft in the USA can be found in virtually every industry and at every level, but certain industries and employees are much more vulnerable to abuses such as wage theft than others-usually those who can least afford it.…

FAQ About Wage Theft And Unpaid Wages

Posted On July 11, 2017 In Unpaid Wages

All employees are entitled to receive the correct level of payment for their work, as dictated by the Department of Labor. Yet despite this, wage theft is still a common problem for workers all over the USA and it impacts a variety of industries and roles.…

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