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How to Protect Yourself in California Severance Pay Agreements

Posted On May 30, 2023 In Personal injury

Upon losing your job in California, you could be presented with a severance pay agreement. Sometimes, these can be confusing, and the terms are not always clear. Your former employer may want to push terms that are not agreeable, so it is critical that you have a California employment lawyer on your side.…

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

Posted On October 25, 2022 In Personal injury

“Something for something.” That’s the basic form of what Qui Pro Quo means, translated from Latin. The term is famous thanks to TV shows and movies, but how does this apply to harassment in the workplace? Quid pro quo is a term used in employment law for harassment that, in most cases, involves a superior seeking sexual favors from an employee in return for various benefits.…

Bad Faith Insurance Claim: Simple Guide and Typical Cases in California

Posted On February 11, 2019 In Personal injury

When you enter into an agreement with an insurance company of any description, it is easy to assume that they are on your side. Insurers should be looking out for their customers and have their best interests at heart. You take out an insurance policy, stay within the policy limits, make an insurance claim, then fall victim to insurance bad faith claims and end up with very little following a claim, even though you were insured through a “reputable” law firm.…

5 Signs Your Insurer May Be Acting in Bad Faith

Posted On February 11, 2019 In Personal injury

Insurance is unavoidable. It is something each and every one of us will probably have to deal with in some way and at some point in our lives. An insurance claim, policy limits, insurance policy, settlement offer, attorneys’ fees, claims adjuster, denying a claim, personal injury… these are just some of the terms we may come across.  …

The Basics of California Insurance Bad Faith Law: Everything You Need to Know

Posted On February 9, 2019 In Personal injury

You have probably heard the term “bad faith” bandied around a lot. Whether in legal dramas, on the news or elsewhere. The term is not just jargon or a useless term in legal circles; companies have an obligation to treat you in good faith in their dealings.…

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