Month: January 2018

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating In The Workplace

Posted On January 23, 2018 In Employment Law

Given that most employees spend a lot of time with their colleagues and get to know them very well, it is no surprise that a significant number of San Diegans meet their future spouses at work, and workplace romances are actually quite common.…

Emotional Distress At Work In San Diego

Posted On January 10, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

In a perfect world, everyone would feel happy and comfortable within their workplace and actively enjoy doing their job – but unfortunately, this is not the case for a large number of workers. Emotional distress at work can have a significant impact on the affected individual – and if your boss or working environment needlessly causes such distress, this can make both your working hours and downtime highly unpleasant and have a significant impact on your emotional health.…

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