Category: Wrongful Termination

Our Firm’s Advocacy Featured in KPBS News Article on ICE Detention Center Lawsuit

Posted On April 30, 2024 In Wrongful Termination

Lorrie Walker of Walker Law Firm has been featured in a recent article by KPBS News. The article highlights a wrongful termination lawsuit filed against an ICE detention center, focusing on allegations of medical neglect within the facility.

The lawsuit centers around the representation of a nurse who was wrongfully terminated after speaking out against the treatment of immigrants at the detention center.…

Can My Employer Force Me to Resign?

Posted On July 21, 2023 In Employment Law,Wrongful Termination

Most people do not want a bad relationship with their employer. You may be finding that you are facing a big decision. Your employer wants you to resign, or they may decide to terminate your employment. The question many people have is quite simple.…

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