Month: July 2016

Should I Contact The DLSE If My Employer Owes Me Money?

Posted On July 31, 2016 In Unpaid Wages

Workers across the United States are currently experiencing a crisis when it comes to wage theft. A 2009 study done by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the complaints lodged with the U.S. Department of Labor were routinely leaving workers vulnerable to wage theft.…

Do I Have A Disability Discrimination Case?

Posted On July 20, 2016 In Disability Discrimination

As a disabled individual, you have the legal right to be treated fairly in the workplace and when renting, buying or living in a property. However, sometimes employers and others discriminate against disabled individuals in ways that could jeopardize their health, safety or overall well-being.…

Walker Law Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Posted On July 1, 2016 In Company Announcements

San Diego, CA, July 1st, 2016– Attorney and founder Justin O. Walker, Esq. is excited to announced the one-year anniversary of his law firm Walker Law. ” A year ago, when I first hung my shingle, I knew I believed in being a solid force against bullies.…

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