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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment at Work

Posted On April 30, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

As an employee, one of the most challenging situations you can come up against is finding yourself subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. Some forms of sexual harassment are subtler than others. Indeed, many people may not even be aware that they are considered to be sexual harassment.…

10 Examples of Sexual Harassment That You Didn’t Realize Were Sexual Harassment

Posted On April 25, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

We live in enlightened times here in San Diego, and everybody knows that if you touch someone in a way that you shouldn’t or shower them with unwanted attention, then this may constitute sexual harassment in the workplace.

But sexual harassment is not just about the most obvious things like inappropriate touching or making suggestive comments.…

10 Traits Of Toxic Managers And Bosses

Posted On February 4, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

Almost everyone has experienced working for a boss that can be described as “difficult” at some point in their careers – but even so, some bosses and managers seem to deliberately go out of their way to create a toxic working environment and act as workplace bullies to their colleagues and subordinates as their standard approach to management.…

25 Common Tactics Used By Bullies In San Diego Workplaces

Posted On February 2, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

Workplace bullying is unfortunately very common across San Diego at every level, from the most junior of employees right through to executive management. However, as anyone who has ever been the victim of workplace bullying will know, bullies are often smart enough to keep their activities under the radar, discouraging reporting and making it hard for managers and HR professionals to take action.…

Emotional Distress At Work In San Diego

Posted On January 10, 2018 In Workplace Harassment

In a perfect world, everyone would feel happy and comfortable within their workplace and actively enjoy doing their job – but unfortunately, this is not the case for a large number of workers. Emotional distress at work can have a significant impact on the affected individual – and if your boss or working environment needlessly causes such distress, this can make both your working hours and downtime highly unpleasant and have a significant impact on your emotional health.…

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