Month: March 2017

3 Signs You Are Working In A Hostile Workplace

Posted On March 29, 2017 In Employment Law

A hostile workplace, in short, is one that makes taking care of day-to-day responsibilities difficult or perhaps even unrealistic. If you have a boss, supervisor or fellow colleague who makes you so uncomfortable that you can barely focus on your job, then you probably work in a hostile environment.…

What To Look For When Hiring A Disability Discrimination Attorney

Posted On March 16, 2017 In Disability Discrimination

If you think that you’ve been discriminated against due to a disability, it’s important that you consider a San Diego disability discrimination attorney that specializes in disability discrimination cases. At its basic definition, disability discrimination refers to treating an employee differently based on a disability that they have.…

5 Tips to Find a Tax Professional For Your Personal Taxes

Posted On March 2, 2017 In General

Each year tax laws change, and a new set of challenges must be faced to successfully comply with tax requirements. There are three main types of tax professionals a person can choose to help them meet their tax filing requirements:

  • An enrolled agent– This is a person who has a license from the IRS.
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