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3 Signs You Are Working In A Hostile Workplace

Posted on March 29, 2017 in Employment Law

A hostile workplace, in short, is one that makes taking care of day-to-day responsibilities difficult or perhaps even unrealistic. If you have a boss, supervisor or fellow colleague who makes you so uncomfortable that you can barely focus on your job, then you probably work in a hostile environment. Bosses, supervisors and colleagues can cause hostile work environments in a multitude of different ways. They can do so through their actions. They can also do so through their words. They can even do so via their general behaviors. If you have a boss who constantly makes inappropriate remarks that pertain to your outfits or the shape of your body, then you may work in a hostile environment.

3 Signs Of A Hostile Workplace

If you work in a hostile setting, odds are you’re more aware of that unpleasant fact than anyone else. There are some signs that may be able to help you easily pinpoint hostile workplace actions. These signs include:

Intimidation By Employer And/Or Fellow Employees

If you have to work with someone who likes to threaten you or others, then he’s probably contributing to a hostile work environment. This individual may raise his voice on a regular basis. He may routinely make comments that are derogatory and offensive. He may use aggressive language frequently as well.

Discriminatory Behavior Among Your Office

Workplace discrimination is always a big red flag. If you have a supervisor who treats others in an unfair manner based on factors such as age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion or looks, then their probably engaging in discriminatory behavior. Discriminatory behavior can be a significant problem in the workplace. It can often lead to lasting consequences in employees’ lives as well. Discrimination can be a serious problem for employees with regard to potential promotions, salary raises and bonuses. It can negatively affect them in many other ways, too.

Sexual harassment From Your Boss And/Or Colleagues

Sexual harassment is becoming more and more of a problem in work environments all around San Diego. If you notice that you or someone else in your workplace is subject to unseemly actions that have any sexual overtones, then you’re probably witnessing sexual harassment. If you’re a female employee who has a coworker who regularly makes comments about your legs or your chest, then you’re likely the victim of clear sexual harassment. Coworkers can sexually harass others in many ways. They can touch them. They can discuss sexual matters that are totally out of line. They can even email others problematic photographs. Bosses and supervisors sometimes harass employees by retaliating after they feel rejected sexually. If your boss tells you that he’ll give you a raise if you go out on a date with him, then he’s participating in a form of severe sexual harassment.

Advice On Dealing With A Hostile Work Environment

It can be extremely difficult to deal with a hostile work environment. A hostile setting can make showing up to work every day hard and overwhelming. If you believe for any reason that you’re working in a hostile environment, you should speak up about the matter. You may want to think about having a discussion with the specific individual who is bothering you. You may want to discuss the situation with your company’s human resources department. You may even want to discuss it with someone on the management team. It’s important to never ignore hostile work environments. Hostile work settings don’t ever magically get better. They often even get worse. If you’re in a hostile workplace, you should do anything you can to stay safe. It can even help to talk to other employees who can provide you with support. If you work with someone who constantly sees how your boss treats you, they may be a good support system for you at some point in the future. It can never hurt to have someone else on your side. It can also often help to speak with others who may be the victims of similar harassment on the job.

San Diego Hostile Workplace Attorney

It’s often impossible to manage a hostile work environment without outside help. You’re only one person. There’s only so much you can do. If you think that you work in a hostile setting and have no idea how to proceed, you should seek reputable legal assistance as soon as possible.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy San Diego employment attorney that can help you navigate a San Diego hostile work environment, reach out to Walker Law without hesitation. Call Walker Law today to learn more about our San Diego hostile work environment expertise and receive a free consultation.

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