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What Are the Different Types of Patents?  

Posted On January 6, 2023 In General Law

Patents are a type of intellectual property that give a person exclusive rights to an invention. This rate excludes others from using, selling, or making an invention for a specific amount of time. In order to obtain a patent, there is various information that must be turned over by the inventor about the invention, and this information must be disclosed to the public through the patent application.…

Top Free Online Legal Resources To Help You

Posted On November 11, 2016 In General Law

Have a question about your legal rights? Not quite ready to speak with a San Diego employment attorney? If you have a legal concern, you have probably started looking for solutions by searching for information online in order to determine your legal rights.…

8 Ways Your Employer May Be Breaking Employment Laws

Posted On October 13, 2016 In General Law

Do you know what your legal rights are at work? You may simply assume that your employer understands and follows federal and state labor laws. However, the reality is that many employers willfully or unknowingly violate employment on a regular basis.…

Major Labor Laws Summarized

Posted On September 16, 2016 In General Law

There are more than 180 federal labor laws that are administered by The Department of Labor (DOL) in the United States. These laws are designed to protect the rights of workers in the workplace in order to ensure that they receive fair treatment and are compensated appropriately.…

How Do Class Action Lawsuits Work?

Posted On September 9, 2016 In General Law

Have you been injured or harmed by a well-known company? Are you concerned that your claim will be denied if you bring a lawsuit against the company on your own? When going up against a large company, having others on your side can be a serious advantage.…

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