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How to Speak with Your Employer About Religious Accommodations

Posted on October 18, 2023 in Employment Law

Many employers recognize that their employees follow very specific religious beliefs and requirements. Most employers do not try to stop you from engaging in these types of limitations or requirements. Still, it can become challenging in situations where there is any type of overlap in your employee duties. 

Knowing where the limitations and your rights are is often the challenge. Take a few minutes to learn how to speak to your employer about religious accommodations and what steps you need to take to protect your rights with the help of a San Diego employment lawyer.

Be Specific About Your Needs

One of the most important first steps is to be clear and transparent. Do not assume your employer knows or understands the religious accommodations you need or that they understand the limitations this will have on your ability to do your job. Have an open conversation with your employer respectfully about them.

Discuss What Makes It Possible for You to Meet Your Obligations

The next step is to talk about what the employer can do to help meet your religious accommodation needs. Again, be specific and clear here. This may include:

  • Providing specific time off at various times of the year
  • Adjusting your schedule to allow for religious obligations at specific times of the day
  • Accommodating prayer time within your scheduled workday
  • Providing a place for you to pray at work if needed
  • Allowing for changes to appearance rules to accommodate your religious beliefs, such as the use of head coverings or facial hair allowances
  • Consider job reassignments if you cannot do the work for a religious reason

There Are Limitations to Employers

While you may want to ensure your employer makes accommodations to meet your needs, it is also necessary to be realistic. Employers are not required to fulfill all requests. The law does not require the employer to engage in “out-of-the-ordinary expenses” to support religious requirements. If the requirement requires significant expense or difficulty, that may mean some employers will not pursue those accommodations.

Knowing If Your Rights Are Protected

How do you know, then, that the rights you have are justifiable? Suppose you feel that your employer should be making accommodations, and you have provided a way for them to do so that does not limit your ability to work to meet the job’s objectives. In that case, it may be important to discuss your situation with an attorney. Though many employees do not want to do this, knowing where your specific needs and restrictions lie is often challenging without legal oversight.

Contact Walker Law for a Free Consultation

With years of helping our clients through honest, transparent legal representation, we are confident we can help you here. Once you learn how to speak with your employer about religious accommodations and you continue to struggle to have your rights met, we encourage you to simply reach out to our legal team. Allow us to determine what your rights are and to provide you with the support you need to pursue the changes you are owed. Call us now for a free consultation.

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