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How to Speak with Your Employer About Religious Accommodations

Posted on October 18, 2023 in Employment Law

Many employers recognize that their employees follow very specific religious beliefs and requirements. Most employers do not try to stop you from engaging in these types of limitations or requirements. Still, it can become challenging in situations where there is any type of overlap in your employee duties. 

Your Rights as a Pregnant Employee in California

Posted on October 5, 2023 in Employment Law

Do you know your rights as a pregnant employee in California? At Walker Law, we champion the rights of families, and that includes ensuring all of your rights related to pregnancy are fully understood and adhered to. Consider what some of those rights are, and then reach out to our San Diego employment lawyers if you have any questions or concerns.…

Do I Have Worker Protection Even if I Work From Home in California?

Posted on September 22, 2023 in Employment Law

More Californians are transitioning to remote work at home each year, with that number continuing to grow. Whether working in the office or at home, employees benefit from the same labor laws. If you work from home or are considering this transition, what will this look like for you? 

Does My Employer Have to Offer Health Insurance in California?

Posted on September 7, 2023 in Employment Law

The healthcare landscape is continually changing in California, and insurance is a significant asset of employment packages. But are all employers required to offer health insurance? This question and its answer can help you determine if your career benefits your medical needs by providing health insurance.…

Do Employers Have to Pay Out Vacation Time in California?

Posted on August 25, 2023 in Unpaid Wages

Paid vacation is an enticing job benefit for any potential employee in San Diego. If an employer has established a paid vacation policy, meeting specific requirements ensures employees receive a payout for vacation time.

Paid vacations are part of an earnings package, and each employee is entitled to the wage agreed upon during hiring.…

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