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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Pay or Compensation Discrimination

Posted On March 19, 2018 In Employment Law

The right to be paid for any work you do is covered under many laws and enforced by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Pay discrimination in San Diego occurs when employees who are doing a job that is similar or equal to one another are not paid the same rate.…

10 Reasons You Could Be Fired

Posted On March 9, 2018 In Employment Law

People get fired for many reasons, even some that aren’t their fault. If you’ve recently been wrongfully terminated in San Diego, or your boss is talking about disciplinary measures that may lead to your being let go from the company, then you not only need to know your rights, you need to know the most common mistakes that people have led them to being fired.…

Frequently Asked Questions About Legalization Of Marijuana In San Diego

Posted On February 25, 2018 In Employment Law

The legalization of marijuana in San Diego has been in the news for several years now. Legalize or not to legalize? Many states are facing the same question, while the federal level of law enforcement still maintains marijuana in all forms is illegal.…

Religious Discrimination At Work In San Diego

Posted On February 16, 2018 In Employment Law

Religion is always a touchy subject, and while the workplace is somewhere that all employees should be treated equally, it can be difficult to know when to draw the line when religious issues are cited. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for employees to practice their religion.…

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating In The Workplace

Posted On January 23, 2018 In Employment Law

Given that most employees spend a lot of time with their colleagues and get to know them very well, it is no surprise that a significant number of San Diegans meet their future spouses at work, and workplace romances are actually quite common.…

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